“Gravelord Nito”

Inspired by the lore of Dark Souls and the work of Piotr Jabłoński

Holder of one of the four Lord Souls, Gravelord Nito was among the lords to wage war against the dragons. As the Lord of Death, Nito rules over the dead in The Catacombs and resides within the Tomb of Giants. His army of skeletons guard his tomb, while his Gravelord Servants spread death through the Eyes of Death.

Alien Neomorph

The Neomorph was an endoparasitoid extraterrestrial species encountered by the crew of the USCSS Covenant. While they share some characteristics with the Xenomorph XX121, most notably their process of gestating inside a living host organism and their elongated heads, they are otherwise quite different. Two of the creatures were encountered by the crew of the Covenant after landing on the planet where David conducted his biological experiments.

The Master and Margarita – Faylicia

A highly inspired sculpt on the work of the master H.R. Giger. It’s my cover version of the Master and Margarita painting, this sculpture design is named Faylicia. I love the dark atmosphere that comes with the work of Giger and especially this design. I made it because I would love to see this hanging on my wall. If you are interested in this sculpt than you can buy it in my shop. Painted and unpainted. It’s a resin cast of 35 cm by 15 cm. Hope you like it.

Creeper T-Shirt
by illustrator artist Erik Kriek

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Half-Life Headcrab
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Alien Fossil
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Happy customers

I am very happy with my new Alien sculpt! Thank you Dutch Outcast!

Sohan Surag, Collector

‘Loved the Tremors graboids since I was a little boy and now I have one of my own! Very realistic sculpt and paintjob. Crazy detailed; scars on the beak, ancient skin wrinklage, glistening blood, tiny veins in the cut of tentacle and you can even see inside the beaks of the tiny graboids! This thing is amazing!’

Bram Roza, Schokkend Nieuws

“I ordered a Baby Creeper, I’m very pleased with it. Love the detail.”

Erik Kriek, Gutsman Comics

Amazing figure very happy with this!

Edwin van Iersel, Slashing Through

Happy with my new Gremlins bust made by monster maker Michel de Klein!

Bart Vogelaar

I recently visited my sister and see her creeper. OMG!! I loved it!

Aline Lucila




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