Michel de Klein“Just do it. Do what you love most!”. Those were my thoughts when I decided to just start my own collectible studio. Later I discovered what this really meant: create constantly, spend loads of time, have very little sleep, learn and keep on learning. Don’t be easy on yourself, find your limits and keep pushing them! Never stop and never be satisfied, not for long at least. Make what you love making.
Sculpting is the most fascinating creative process for me. I just love to create something that is real, something you can touch. This is matched by my intense love for the science fiction and horror genres, with a special place for movies from the 70’s and 80’s. I want to keep the spirit and the essence of that time alive. Lots of people around the world share the same love for this genre. The Creepers are my first creative offspring to be released into the world. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do. Hopefully they bring back some of those good old vibes from back in the day.

Michel de Klein

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Sharing what I’ve learned

I want to share my knowledge. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from what I do and maybe I can inspire you to get into sculpting too. Experience the joy of sculpting for yourself!
When I get the chance I broadcast my creative process live on my Twitch channel. I also offer workshops where I teach you everything you need to know to get started with sculpting. In the future I plan to have more tutorial content on this website as well.

The way of the Creeper

Concept art

As you probably noticed, the Creepers are inspired by 80’s creature horror movies. Mostly by the movies Critters and Gremlins. Because I love these movies and designs I put my own spin on those kind of creatures. Before I ever cast the first Creeper I made a lot of variation only in clay.


Most of the Creeper sculpting is done with Super Sculpey. For me this is the best material to create the detail I’m looking for in this particular form and idea. I was constantly switching between the more realistic Critter look and a more cartoony look. With my current iteration I feel like I’ve landed somewhere in the middle and I’m happy with how they look.

Creating molds and casting

Making your own molds and casting with resin is one hell of a ride! If you’re not experienced it can get pretty messy and the material is not cheap! So I had to learn the whole process and figure out how to create models that can be used to create proper molds. With so many different materials and options I still have a long road ahead but the current results are already great! I really love this process, this is where a clay sculpture becomes and feels like a real product and that’s just awesome.


The painting process is always a fun challenge! I use my airbrush set, regular brushes, stencils and other techniques to create the look I have in mind. A paint job makes up half of the product’s appearance. So it’s very important to get this stage done right.

The whole process:

The whole process from concept to final product takes a lot of time. And I haven’t even mentioned the work that goes into keeping your workspace and tools clean. It’s a very intensive work, but very rewarding as well.

In the future I want to go into more detail for every step in the process. I hope I can help you get a good start at sculpting and maybe you can learn me a thing or two along the way too!

Next year I want to explain every part of this process on this website. This way you discover how I make them and you can learn form it or maybe give me some good tips!