Future Project: Galactic Nature

This project is inspired by the thought of taking something like National Geographic and placing it in the far future. Where exploring and documenting has grown past Earth and into the stars. It’s an open world where we can freely explore all the interesting shapes alien life could take. Challenging the idea that alien life looks anything like life on Earth. This project will be more than the sculptures. It will be a snapshot of life elsewhere, somewhere truly alien.

Story and Concept Art: Galactic Nature

In an attempt to more efficiently explore other worlds a collaboration of several space agencies in 2199 start developing a new tool. Nicknamed the Bulletcam, this multi-sensory unmanned craft can be send to unexplored worlds. Bulletcams are relatively cheap and easy to make, but have one major drawback: they can’t be controlled. Once launched it’s all fingers crossed it makes it all the way to its destination and is able to capture some form of information.
As part of the Explore2205 project, hundreds of bulletcams were fired at different destinations. Exciting times are ahead as the first data starts pouring in at the International Space Exploration Agency. Originally only two man strong, the research team specialized in extraterrestrial life quickly becomes overwhelmed as they find out life is far more common and complex than initially thought. They starts documenting and studying while trying to keep the public informed about the discoveries they make daily. They publish their findings on a channel they call Galactic Nature and it attracts the attentions of thousands.

Sculpture Concept: Galactic Nature

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creature design. An important part of the product will be the background information of the creatures, their nature and their environment. When you see the creature we want to spark your curiosity. Why does it look the way it does? What kind of world does it live in and how does it survive? The story is a big part of the experience. These creatures might actually live somewhere in our universe!

All statues will be cast in resin. We’d also like to work with special materials such as transparent or glow in the dark materials and experiment with light and possibly audio. These sculptures are the real deal.

Concept video: Galactic Nature

The project will involve videos that show alien worlds and alien life and how it lives and moves. It’s all part of the Galactic Nature experience. Here are some concept video’s to shine some light on the idea.