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Headcrabs, derisively called “headhumpers” by Barney Calhoun and known as “parasitics” and “biotics” by the Combine, are omnivorous, parasitic creatures. They are widely considered one of the most iconic creatures of the Half-Life

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Lamarr! There you are!!

First of all, I am a big Half-Life fan. For years I wanted my own Headcrab next to me on my desk while working. So I thought it was time to make that a reality. This is Fan Art. It’s an unofficial version of the Headcrab from Valve’s design. So I can only sell a few. In the meantime I am going to check with Valve if there is a possibility to sell this with some kind of official approval and give them their share.

It’s a pretty long process to create one. So when ordered it can take a week or so before shipping.

Price: € 157,00-

This product is 100% handmade.

Dutch Outcast Studio

Product Size
10 cm H x 14cm W x 27 cm L

Product Weight
620 gr.

Full casted resin


Michel de Klein (Sculpting, Painting,Casting, Finishing)

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Europe: € 13,00 –
Outside Europe: € 25,00 –
Netherlands: € 6,40 –

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