Xangadix (The Johnsons)


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The Johnsons or De Johnsons is a 1992 Dutch horror film thriller directed by Rudolf van den Berg. It also known under the title De Blaauwe JohnsensDas ZeichenXangadix. The film was nominated for a Fantasy Film Award at the film festival in Oporto. It was the last Dutch horror motion picture in the twentieth century and is considered to be one of the best Dutch horror (nederhorror) films of all time together with De LiftAmsterdamnedIntensive CareSl8N8Dood EindSintThe Human Centipede and De Poel.

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Dutch Outcast Studio

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10 cm H x 7 cm W x 5 cm L

Product Weight
210 gr.

Full casted resin

Michel de Klein (Sculpting, Painting,Casting, Finishing)

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